Libre Graphics Research Unit

Back from the LGRU meeting in Norway. Here’s a short video of our final evening where we all collaborated in tweaking the free software imaging apps to inter-communicate and generate sound.

Piksels & Lines Orchestra (PLO) from august black on Vimeo.

On 8.June 2012, the final evening of the Libre Graphics Research Unit meeting in Bergen, Norway, the lgru members conceived, created, and performed the Piksels & Lines Orchestra (PLO) in just a few short hours. One set of players modified the free software graphics applications of gimp, mypaint, and scribus to send network signals based on a user’s interaction with the software. Other players mapped the resulting network signals into sound. The Underweb acted as central network hub, receiving the action signals from the graphics software and distributing them to the two audio mapping software.

A full account can be read here: